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Our Services

Tax Preparation & Planning Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Electronic filing of simple and complex individual tax returns, including businesses, oil and gas, retirement income.

Strategic Tax Planning

Examine various situations to determine the optimum tax management strategies for you or your business.

Entity Tax

Electronic filing of income tax returns for trusts, estate income tax returns, and non-profit returns. 

Sales and Use Tax

Calculate and electronically file sales and use tax returns, and make electronic tax payments.

Business Tax Preparation

Electronic filing of annual income tax filing requirements and returns for S-Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, and C-Corporations

Tax Projections

In conjunction with our financial planning services, we aid in projecting your anticipated tax liability.

Accounting Services


Maintain accurate records and calculate employees compensation in accordance with applicable laws  regulations. File all periodic and annual federal, state, and local statements.


We can maintain your bookkeeping, or provide assistance to you in maintaining your own financial records, using your software or ours.


Assisting with Quickbooks to record and organize financial information without time-consuming manual input. We are able to work with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.


Conduct annual audits of your accounting system, books, and records. Produce an audit report.

Compilations and Reviews

Provides reviews and compilations to management, shareholders, investors, and creditors.

Consulting Services

Data Analytics

Working with business owners to provide forecasting, projections, key performance indicator (KPI) metrics, and any other data driven insights.

Business Consulting

Utilizing years of in-depth expertise to assist clients on how to overcome various obstacles.

Financial Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Working closely with financial advisors to aid our client with a holistic approach to financial planning

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